Why was inov8d created?

As well as my passions for cybersecurity and knowledge sharing, I also have a big passion for innovation. I wanted to have a place where we could share the cool things we’ve discovered, to collaborate together, to discuss new ideas and ways of thinking, to learn from each other, and hopefully to also help the industry mature in the process.

I love working in the R&D/innovation team in Hack The Box, collaborating with amazing collegues across the company as we look to innovate the cybersecurity education landscape. At Hack The Box, we have always looked to innovate, whether through gamification or the actual content, and my professional journey over the years has also aligned with R&D and innovation. I enjoy learning, and as with anything, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

On this journey so far we’ve asked outselves many questions. How do we form an innovation department? What metrics show that we are delivering real value? How can we best manage the process of innovation? These are not questions for which there is a single, simple answer. Even the seemingly easy question “What is innovation?” seems to me to be one of the hardest to answer. We know innovation as the new, the never-seen-before, the idea that seems obvious in hindsight but that was not at all obvious at the time.

While innovation can be a new idea or technology, it can also be a new combination or a new application of existing ideas and technologies. Even if we are able to define innovation in a way that we agree with, how do we start to innovate in a way that is scalable, repeatable, and that reduces the element of chance when placing our “bets” for the future? It seems like every question we ask generates yet more questions!

I love reading up about innovation, as well being an innovation practitioner (while wearing other hats), and I created inov8d in order to join and learn from others, as we all embark on our journey through this important field. I don’t believe that there is just one way to innovate. Many individuals and companies successfully innovate in different ways, although there will be similar components and processes, just named differently.

This free open innovation community is for people who are interested in anything related to innovation, startups, strategy, market analysis, funding, and much more. Whether you are or aspire to become an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, creative, hacker-tinkerer, or somebody with a general interest in any of these topics, welcome! The aim is for this blog to become a useful resource, and will feature any author who wishes to share their knowledge or experiences with the community. Hit “Connect” above and join the converation in the inov8d slack! 


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